Give the Gift of Health

Protect your family. Support your community.
Protect your family. Support your community.
High quality stylish masks handcrafted in the United States

Give The

Perfect Gift

The perfect gift doesn’t have to be elusive. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It definitely doesn’t have to be mass-produced and run-of-the-mill.

. At The White Mulberry, we believe in creating the perfect gift for you that is authentic, handmade, local, affordable and, most of all, personal. A stunning gift that is as unique and thoughtful as you.



Personalized boxes with

tailor-made products


Masterfully assembled, ready-to-ship


Custom-created to compliment your brand identity, your company's mission, and your corporate personality, our gift boxes will leave a lasting impression.


We design exceptionally beautiful gifts by curating handcrafted products exclusively created by talented women who have chosen to prioritize their family over their professional aspirations. There are innumerable such women in our neighborhoods for whom this choice has resulted in stifled creativity, loss of confidence and depression. As a company rooted in the values of social responsibility, our mission is to bring forth the talents of our craftswomen and help them get the appreciation they deserve. 

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Working with The White Mulberry we realized what a big difference it makes to send a custom, personalized and exclusive gift instead of standard run-of-the-mill alternatives. Their gifts were designed to stand out, get noticed and create an impression. We actually heard back from a lot of our clients which doesn't usually happen - so obviously something was done right. Their team ensured that everything worked out smoothly and kept us informed at every stage, which was very reassuring. They took care of personalizing each box and even shipped them on our behalf making our life much easier.

Thank you team The White Mulberry for the personal attention to create gifts perfectly suited to my needs. Your taste and service are impeccable.

The gifts delighted and made a winning impression. 

The White Mulberry worked with us to create beautiful, handcrafted holiday gift boxes for select customers and partners. From the first interaction, it was clear that they truly cared about crafting a box that reflected our brand and would be meaningful to the recipients. Each customized box was meticulously put together, containing unique items from local craftswomen and a personal handwritten note from the VIDA team. We got an amazing response from those who received the gift boxes and it really made a difference in strengthening our relationship with our community.

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